the artists

Art is an important element of our philosophy. This isn’t only reflected by the selected works presented in our house, but furthermore it has a determining influence on the development of the Emmerich as a whole. We are glad to share the contact to our artists Charlott Weise and Anton Schön with you.

for dinner

Enjoy a special dinner in the Patrizierhaus St. Jonathan or in the neighbouring Filletto, both restaurants are in close vicinity of the Emmerich Hotel on Peterstraße.
At the Destille enjoy fresh and mediterranean dishes in historical rooms or at the beer garden next to the Nikolaiturm!

cafés and bars

VINO E CULTURA – for wine enthusiasts
Café Flüsterbogen – cult!
Ratscafé – always a sunny spot vis-à-vis the Emmerich
Espresso Bar Caffé Kränzel – delicious coffee and pastry specialities.
Lucullus Café Haus – their silesian poppy-seed cake is famous!
Lucie Schulte – Enjoy a culinary and convivial evening in “den Höfen”, the courtyard
Salü – the bar in Görlitz

museums and our favourite pineapple picks