story and philosophy

The Emmerich is  located in the heart of the historical center of Görlitz. After years of vacancy the building experienced a transition and opened its doors in May 2014!

Originally the Emmerich has been home to the major Georg Emmerich, an influential son of Görlitz. He helped developing  the town in its bloom and lived here from 1422 to 1507. For sure he had an eventful life: because of an affair he pilgrimaged to Jerusalem to do penance.  As a highlight of his return an exact copy of the holy grave in Jerusalem has been built in Görlitz.

This secret love affair to Benigna Horschel outruns him eventually. After hundreds of years she returns to his house. Our day bar Horschel will soon offer culinary specialities and the time to linger in easiness.

the pineapple

What’s the pineapple all about? As a fruit from overseas, sign of the traveler, symbol of the delicate and exotic, the pineapple is emblem of our house. Like Georg Emmerich – who brought the holy grave to Görlitz – we are dedicated to bring beautiful things into the Emmerich. Sublime and elegant, fresh and sunny – The pineapple reflects the character of the Emmerich Hotel.

architecture and design

The Emmerich loves contrasts. Raw concrete ceilings are sign of the succeeded backup of an almost irrecoverable building. Exposed historical brick walls and gothic surfaces bring the old days of the town residence of the family Emmerich back to life.

Our wanderlust and the desire for the exceptional is the driving force for  the work we put into the Emmerich. It is blooming through the play between old and new forms. This play of forms and colours in the interior is response to our aspiration – The Emmerich Hotel loves diversity and simple elegance and wants to share this with its guests.